Size Guide & Pricing

Thank you for considering Sugarbean for your wedding.

Cakes can be layered with buttercream and fillings or ganache and decorated in a variety of icings including ganache, fondant or swiss buttercream. If your chosen finish is buttercream you can choose from semi naked finish or fully covered cake. 

If your cake is being served as dessert you will require a larger cake. Below is a size guide so you can determine the best size for the amount of guests that will be attending.

All cakes can be cut in coffee or dessert serves which are based on the below sizes:

Coffee- 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 12cm tall (or 16cm extended height)

Dessert- 5cm x 2.5cm x 12cm tall (or 16cm extended height)


SizeCoffee servesDessert serves

5inch & 7inch
48 Coffee portions
24 Dessert portions

6inch & 8inch
70 Coffee portions
35 Dessert portions

7inch & 9inch
90 Coffee portions
45 Dessert portions

5, 7 and 9inch
110 Coffee portions
55 Dessert portions

6, 8 and 10inch
148 Coffee portions
75 Dessert portions

6, 8, 10 and 12inch
240 Coffee portions
120 Dessert portions

Double Barrel sizes

48 Coffee portions
24 Dessert portions

72 Coffee portions
35 Dessert portions

96 Coffee portions
42 Dessert portions


As all of our cakes vary depending on size, flavour and amount of decoration involved we recommend that you contact us to discuss pricing, however as a guide please see prices below.

Single Tier Cakes from $190

2 Tier Wedding Cakes from $380

3 Tier Wedding Cakes from $480

4 Tier Wedding Cakes from $550

Delivery fees

Lake Macquarie $20
Newcastle $30
Hunter Valley $50

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